As most people would have guessed (or maybe not 🤔), this is a blog space that we two (literal) cousins started. We have long always wanted to share our ideas on “literally anything that’s software”. Anyone and everyone is welcomed here for knowledge, ideas, and lame jokes (probably?). Read, write, publish, cross-post as much as you want, because

Sharing is caring.

God knows who said this

So, fret no more, head over to our guide and get writing 🎉!

TheCodeCousins Spirit

More than just a blogging platform (we’ve had many of these!!), we want to foster a friendly and welcoming community at TheCodeCousins where no one is afraid of sharing about their knowledge, opinions, or even mistakes for others to learn from. Nothing can and should stop you from becoming a new code cousin of ours, whether you are young 👶, old 👴, scientist 👩‍🔬, engineer 👨‍🔧, vampire 🧛, genie 🧞, mermaid 🧜‍♀️, or fairy 🧚‍♀️.

As strong believers in the free sharing of knowledge, TheCodeCousins is and will forever be free of charge. We promise to never run ads, nor share any information on the site for any commercial purposes. The open-source ideology has given a collaborative foundation to build software on top of each other’s efforts. Why not using it for knowledge and education as well? If you take a look at our contribution guide, you will notice that we run contribution PR-based, which is essentially the backbone of open-source maintenance. But not only pull requests, we also run everything using open-source stuffs like hugo, or Github Pages. Basically, TheCodeCousins is an open-source project, just like The Linux Kernel. Eventhough it might never have an ∞ number of maintainers like the Linux kernel, we believe that TheCodeCousins can always be run true to this spirit of open-source!! 🚀🚀🚀